In response to the 2015 earthquakes in Nepal, Conscious Impact a non-profit organization, has been working to support the rural community of Takure' through sustainable, relationship-based development work. 

Brian Schneider, the founder of BCS Compost felt a connection to the work Conscious Impact was providing and decided to make the journey to Nepal to volunteer. His time in Takure' Brian worked along side hardworking volunteers from across the world. They worked together building bamboo structures, producing and moving thousands of bricks to help rebuild homes, digging massive holes for planting citrus trees, working with local schools and creating a deep rooted connection with Nepal. 

Continuing to work with Conscious Impact, BCS Compost is donating a portion of every customers first month's fee. Your donation will help fund projects for the village of Takure' and supporting the empowerment of the Nepalese people through natural rebuilding, education and agriculture. 



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