BCS Compost is a curbside service that recycles your food waste and other compostable material. We pick up your bucket on a designated day once a week and swap it out for a clean one. 


 Subscribers can receive their own soil or they may donate it to community gardens. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using BCS's curbisde composting service?

Diverting your food waste from your regular trash pick up is a simple and eco-friendly way to help your local environment. Composting also: - Reduces your trash volume - Reduces the amount of garbage in landfills - Reduces methane emissions - Saves money on trash bag cost - Shows your community how important the environment is to you - Never have to buy fertilzer for your garden - Composting enhances air quality, replensheses degraded soil and increases the nutrition of food grown in compost

How big is my bucket and where do I store it?

Residential buckets are 5 gallons in volume, 14" tall and 12" in diameter. It comes with a sealable lid that is easy to take on and off. The majority of subscribers keep their bucket in the kitchen that best fits their layout. Others keep their bucket in a closet, garage or porch.

What can I compost?

Mainly all food scraps except meat and bones. For other wonderful composting material please refer to the compost list.

This is super rad! How do I start?

You may contact us through email at BCSCompost@gmail.com or call us at 267-249-3000

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