"Everyone shares the responsibility to help protect our environment but individual efforts only go so far. By working together as a community, efforts to reduce our impact are multiplied."

Kristin - Owner Nourishing Storm Studio & Cafe'

"Working with BCS Compost has been such a great asset to my business. Brian has helped us come up with sustainable solutions in the cafe such as composting all our left over fruits and veggies and by choosing more eco friendly containers including reusable straws for all our smoothies and juices. His guidance and expertise has helped Nourishing Storm create a softer footprint and we are very grateful to be working together." 


"Perfect for my condo and now I don't feel bad throwing out my food scraps."

Susan & John-

"We were thrilled to hire BCS Compost due to his commitment for a sustainable living. They are very passionate to helping our environment and supporting local small farms like ours by providing quality compost. BCS is part of a community business with priorities living a green life. We look forward to our delivery of soil!"


"Its so simple. All I have to do is throw my food scraps in my bucket and Brian comes and picks it up once a week. Great Idea!"

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