My Compost Journey

Brian Schneider started his composting business due to the reason he felt that he needed to do more to help our environment.  As he became more interested in gardening, Brian began composting food waste which opened him up to more ideas. Everyone is throwing their leftovers in the trash and could easily recycle it.  Throughout these past few years, Brian worked with composters, farmers and business owners gaining valuable knowledge and learning how truly beneficial composting can be to our environment and community. We are fighting an uphill battle to change our environmental issues but the little bit more we do every day as an individual, family and community we can make a huge difference.

for $30 per month

Why Compost

Food waste that is diverted from landfills reduces the amount of methane gas 

Your collected food waste is composted into nutrient soil

The average household throws away 2,000 lbs of food every year

Earn soil for your garden or donate your soil to community gardens


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